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MOS bearing was built in July 1992. It is a private joint -stock high -tech enterprise with a private joint -stock -based high -tech enterprise with small and medium -sized and miniature precision bearings. The company has a net assets of 404 million yuan. In 2008, it produced 236 million sets of small deep groove ball bearing, with annual sales of 714 million yuan, and 75%of its products were sold overseas. The international certification of ISO9000, TS16949 and ISO14000 has a famous product brand such as MOS. The main products include miniature, small precision deep groove ball bearings, flange bearing, stainless steel bearings, precision thin wall bearings, deep groove ball bearings and other major types of multi -variety bearing. Products are widely used in home appliances, car generators starting motivation, dental diamonds, medical equipment, rainfall systems, automated office systems, and electric tool sewing machinery. It is Siemens VDO, GE, LG, Sanyo Electric, Samsung, Sanye, Emerson, Panasonic, Suzhou Best, Shanghai Falao Automobile Electric System, Bosch, Changchai, WAI, Dongguan Shinan, Shanghai Mingzhi, Taicang East Yuanyuan For suppliers, 65%of the products are exported to replace imported bearings. The "MOS" product trademark is based on the first letter of "Mechanical Operation Star". The MOS people strive to create a glorious tomorrow with "unity, hard work, integrated wisdom, and refinement".
  • Company Scale

    Company Scale

    MOS Bearing has turned a glorious page for the professional production of medium and high-grade deep groove ball silent bearings. The company has an advanced assembly production line and a complete quality inspection center. Since its establishment in 1995, after more than ten years of operation and development, it has fixed assets of nearly 150 million yuan. The factory covers an area of ​​58,000 square meters (㎡) and has automatic There are more than 120 production lines, various testing and inspection equipment, and an annual production capacity of 160 million sets of high-quality bearings.

  • Sales Network

    Sales Network

    MAIN CUSTOMERS At present, the company's products are mainly exported, and its main customers include South Korea's LG, Wuxing Electromechanical Company; Japan's Sanyo, Panasonic, Minolta, Ricoh, and Shinano; American GE, Emerson, Black & Decker; Germany's Siemens, Bosch, etc. .

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MOS Bearing pays attention to technology and management. At present, it has a bearing testing center equipped with domestic first-class testing equipment and fully enters the automotive field. The company has gained IATF16949, OHSAS18001, ISO14000 and VALEO1000 certification. Now the company's own brand "MOS" and "MOS" bearing market scale, customer grade and product technical level are among the best in many domestic bearing manufacturers. Most of the products are exported, and we have successfully cooperated with many famous companies around the world and become their stable suppliers.
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